About me

Since childhood, I’ve never been able to sit still. My hands, especially, refuse to remain idle, preferring instead to bend wire, shape wood, solder joints, repair bicycles or rebuild engines. Making, watching, and dissecting machines has always enraptured me: decades ago, mesmerized by the precise and synchronized movements of a marble roller coaster installed at a Children’s Hospital, I thought I had found the divine.

Cycle touring on top of the Rocky Mountains

As I grew, the bicycle became my mechanical muse, and it continues to astound with the elegance of a spoked wheel, the nuances of a modern derailleur, and the brute force of four phenolic pistons encased in a billet machined brake caliper. After a Reed College education taught me how to analyze, how to do physics, and gave me a broader understanding of the state of the world, my love for machines endures, but is marked with a forward focus that was absent in my younger days of pure awe.

Now, I see machines, whether bicycles, gas turbines, or wearable electronics, as solutions to the world’s most formidable challengesfrom climate change to disaster relief to sustainable farming. Years working in engineering have balanced my imagination with practical knowledge, preparing me to design machines that intelligently and realistically tackle the social and environmental problems plaguing the world today.

I have a strong technical foundation and a powerful desire to innovate. I am itching to dive into a life developing products that help others while repairing the planet. Humans have long been building machines to make life easier, but now it is high time for machines to make our lives sustainable.

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