I work to advance the beauty of form, details, and motion. Automation and hyper-detail are sources of child-like fascination and humor to me, the intricacies of mechanized motion inciting laughter with each improbable interaction.

Wire sculpture

Kinetic or static, wire lifts sketching into the third dimension and also lets me experiment with motion and mechanisms.

Walking Man

Baling wire, tissue paper

The Chase Goes On and On

Baling wire, tissue paper

For the static pieces below, click images to enlarge.

Untitled pair

Baling wire, tissue paper


Baling wire, safety wire, glass marbles

Not Yet Lost Your Marbles

Baling wire, wood, thread, glass marbles


Hand drawn in pen, what follows is an exploration into the balance of detail, form, and legibility. Click on images to enlarge.


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