Atlas Trailer

Designed to support a heavenly payload

Towing a trailer is cool. Towing a trailer with your bike is cooler. Towing up to 300 pounds behind your bike is legendary.

And, it’s absolutely viable.

Designed to transport as much cargo as my legs can handle, the Atlas Trailer transforms the bicycle into a utilitarian masterpiece, making a car-free lifestyle that much more attainable.

Fusing Metal

When welding, I feel like a demi-god, brandishing Zeus’ lightning to do the work of Vulcan’s forge. Arcing current to melt metal is at once dramatic and yet delicate, a surgical operation demanding more practice than you probably put in.

Shaping Metal

Carving metal with metal, about as metal as you can get. Yet doing so with precision machines is a hypnotic dance as delicate as a sonata, but done to the sensorial backdrop of sweet smoke from hot cutting oil and the steady whir of the lathe.

Transporting bulky items is a barrier to living without a vehicle. The Atlas trailer is designed to decimate this obstacle. Handmade from a blend of 6061 aluminum, 304 stainless, and mild carbon steels, it is incredibly strong, lightweight, and adjustable to any bike. Cloaked in the dull sheen of raw metal, this beast embodies the utilitarian aesthetic of the urban cyclist.

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